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Genevieve Panuska can clean, purge and beautify your brand and make your logo, branding and website so so so much better 😊 She is an expert in print (with an extra special dose in stationery) and has passion for the tiniest details. “The most memorable piece of stationery I’ve ever received was a handwritten note from my niece telling me she missed me. But, the most beautiful would be some of the calligraphed envelopes I received with work from calligraphers, when I was working at Martha Stewart.”

She recently consulted at Barneys, where she worked on elevating and contemporizing their stationery brand Connor. She comes from an editorial background as an Art Director at Martha Stewart for ten years.


I love to tell stories with my work, and take something from concept to execution. At my own company- Art Deptd- I am often working on a wedding invititation, or on branding for businesses, events and personal correspondence. Clients come to me to simplify and refine their brands as I have a keen eye for editing something to just what’s needed. I have art directed at magazines, and designed print, packaging, product and digital solutions. In all of these experiences, I have been strategic in concept development, and used my illustration, art direction and design skills to move a brand forward.

Lis [short for Elisabeth with an "s"] is a New York City based art director
and graphic designer specializing in editorial art direction and story development,
as well as branding, product, and packaging design. A lover of novels, loose teas,
and tiny type, she often finds inspiration in things that are antiquated and well-loved. 

She is likely to be found poking around flea markets and instagraming cocktails.


Lis received her BFA in Graphic Design from St. John's University in 2011, 
and is currently the Art Director at Good Housekeeping Magazine.
She has previously worked as an art director at Martha Stewart Weddings
Magazine and a graphic designer at Flight001.


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